Tarot Media By/Featuring Stephen McCabe

The Nature of Tarot (and Nature Therapy) - Article

A 2020 article I wrote about the connections between tarot and nature/ecosystem for the wonderful tarot Grandmaster Christiana Gaudet.


Interview on the Archetypal Tarot Podcast

In 2018, the amazing people at Archetypal Tarot interviewed me for their podcast.


Quirky Questions - My old Tarot Agony Uncle Column!

In 2018 I wrote a regular-ish Tarot Agony Uncle column called Quirky Questions. Some of these articles appeared on the TABI (Tarot Association for the British Isles) blog. 


Blending the Rider-Waite-Smith and the Tarot de Marseille 

An article introducing two classic schools of tarot and providing tips on how to combine both approaches into one reading. Published in Volume 2/Issue 4 copy of The Cartomancer magazine- order it here.

When Death Means Death; What's Your Tarot Theme Card?

An article on the theme of death in the tarot and how death made me a tarot reader. Published on Christiana Gaudet's website - my favourite tarot teacher and Tarot Grandmaster.


Kitty Tarot Decks

An article celebrating cat-themed tarot decks, published in Your Cat magazine. 

My Tarot-Music Blog was a temporary blog I wrote exploring connections between tarot and music. I also interviewed fascinating underground musicians via tarot decks (amongst some general tarot thoughts). I may update it in the future, if the mood takes me!


Observations from a Hellbound Fag Boy

A cheeky queer tarot piece for Little Red Tarot.

Ever Made a Terrible Tarot Deck?

One of my first and most fun pieces, published on my old blog. I expose my dreadful, kitschy but charming home-made Prisoner Cell Block H tarot deck!

Regular Magazine Columns

Some examples of my past tarot columns in Transliving Magazine and Your Cat Magazine, where I provided printed tarot readings for the readers.