I keep re-visiting the whole thing because it spoke so strongly to me. I felt it gave me a deeper understanding of my situation as well as some useful reflections on how to work through it. It also felt like I'd just had a conversation with a really understanding and wise friend. Thanks so much.

SARAH, Edinburgh, UK  (Email Reading)


‎I asked for a tarot reading with Ste because I wanted to work out a new direction in my creative work. I'm a poet and writer who was becoming increasingly frustrated with balancing my creative work with a full time job. The reading I had with Ste helped me to realise that my plans for finding a new creative life/work balance needed to be put into action and I've since made some changes that will give me far more time to create. Ste's tarot really helped to bring the need for these changes into focus and I'm really grateful for his inspiring and insightful reading!

CHRIS, London, UK  (Tarot Therapy Session)


This blew me away! You are so tuned into (my situation), that was absolutely amazing! You are quite an intuitive, gifted reader. Thank you very much for the thoughtful and accurate message. It was exactly what I needed to hear. 

JEN, New York, USA (Email Reading)


Thank you so, so much for a fabulous reading. It took me  couple of days to take it in, reading & re-reading (the email reading), Lots of lovely content to contemplate! It was very deep and absolutely insightful of a lot of things that have crossed my mind recently. The photos were helpful and nice to have too. Your approach to my situation was really sensitive, understanding and supportive!

Lorraine, UK (Email Reading)


I did not expect such a long and deep insight, I feel a bit overwhelmed. It feels strange that somebody who's never met me seems to know so much about me. Thank you!

ANA, Manchester, UK  (Email Reading)


I will go over this a number of times as it is extremely helpful. Your reading is invaluable in my finding a way through my situation and I'm so grateful.

SUE, UK  (Email Reading)


Thank you so much for your reading. It seems that you couldn't understand how those cards would be helpful, but they made perfect sense to me. It really got me thinking! Please keep spreading your kind words - you can really help others with your craft!

ANA, Brazil (Email Reading)


Thank you very much. It actually feels like a small but incredibly useful self-help session. I will be writing down how I feel about situations and possibilities and it's really helped clear my head. A wonderful reading. 

JANE, Liverpool, UK (Email Reading)


A comprehensive and thoughtful transatlantic reading. I appreciated the kindness and openness of spirit throughout our contact, and recommend Ste without reservation.

ANDREW, USA (Email Reading)