'Tarot Makes Music' 

 new Magazine!


Created and edited by Ste McCabe / The Tarot Cat

TAROT MAKES MUSIC is a one-off magazine uncovering the fascinating relationship between tarot cards and music. Classic alternative/pop albums that have been inspired by tarot cards are featured, including Walter Wegmüller, Suzanne Vega, Ton Steine Scherben, Ruth White, Robert DeLong and more. Some of the most groundbreaking authors in the tarot world, namely Christiana Gaudet, Enrique Enriquez, Robert M.Place and Theresa Reed (a.k.a The Tarot Lady) share their stories and research. Cult musicians Wendy Rule (the cover star) and Derek Schmidt discuss how the 78 cards of the tarot have inspired them to create haunting and beautiful music.


Featuring quirky tarot musical facts, psychedelic music-themed tarot decks and tarot-themed interviews with queer and radical underground musicians Gaptooth, King’s Queer, Zdrada Pałki and K Anderson, TAROT MAKES MUSIC is a bizarre, niche collector’s item for esoteric music-loving geeks everywhere!

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"Super cool zine and the connections to Tarot and music were refreshingly articulate and informative. Tarot Makes Music gives us a beautiful reminder of how Tarot influences so many of our cultural archetypes and enjoyments. A great read!” 

Raven Mardirosian, author of The Reluctant Tarot Reader


“There really is nothing else out there like this!”

Julienne Givot, The Archetypal Tarot Podcast

"A very cool perspective on a really interesting concept. I couldn't recommend it more."

Little Fox Tarot

"A must for collectors, and for anyone who enjoys both tarot and music (and who doesn’t?)"

Christiana Gaudet, author of Fortune Stellar

"Something that struck me as refreshing and powerfully inclusive, was how much of the magazine was concerned with peoples’ work in music and tarot from the LGBT+ community. Additionally there is a larger, than commonly seen in UK publications anyway, representation of European musicians represented, with songs in languages other than English, which I found very enlivening and expanding.

Emma Sunnerton-Burl, TABI Blog